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Granted Clemency, Billy Wheelock Begins New Life After Prison

Granted clemency, Billy Wheelock begins new life after prison
"Someday this (sentencing disparity) will be remembered as one of the most horrific things we've done in American history," said University of Denver professor Arthur Gilbert, a U.S. drug policy scholar who became friends with Wheelock's fiancée while …
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New York Lawmakers Take Aim at Scourge of Heroin

New York lawmakers take aim at scourge of heroin
EMBARGOED UNTIL 3 AM APRIL 28–Syringes are packaged at Boom Health center for distribution to drug addicted users, Friday April 25, 2014 in Bronx, N.Y. New York lawmakers are putting forward a package of legislation that seeks to fight the resurgence… Continue reading

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Drug Rehab Center Des Moines IA | Drug Absue Des Moines | Drug Rehab Center Des Moines IA — http://desmoines.alcoholismrecoverycenter.com/drug-rehab-center-des-moines-ia/ Drug Addiction Treatment Des Moines takes the time to gage whether or not thei…

Some fault retired correctional services director for agency's troubles
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Missouri Man Who Exposed Partners to HIV Clouds Question of Laws on Disease

Missouri man who exposed partners to HIV clouds question of laws on disease
In 2009, Nick Rhoades was sentenced to 25 years for not disclosing his HIV status to a sexual partner. There was no room in the law to consider a lesser charge based on the facts that Rhoades… Continue reading

Candidate Blasts Dewine Over Heroin Epidemic

Candidate blasts Dewine over heroin epidemic
Calling his opponent's response to the heroin epidemic “too little and too late,” candidate David Pepper wants the state to spend more to provide local agencies funding for drug treatment. A Democrat running for the office of Ohio Attorney General …
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Missouri Man Serving Life for Pot Prays for Clemency

Missouri man serving life for pot prays for clemency
Johnson feels the estimated nearly $ 20,000 a year the state spends to house some inmates could be better spend on drug treatment programs and rehabilitation programs. "If a person's addicted to something, I think citizens would be how do we… Continue reading