How Do I Tell My Parents About My Drug Addiction?

Question by : How do I tell my parents about my drug addiction?
My name is Rosie, I’m 19 and I’m completely addicted to Heroin.
I had a decent upbringing and I am well educated. I’m currently a Social Work major at NYU. It was my decision to try Heroin and my boyfriend has supported my addiction by dealing himself. I wouldn’t tell my parents except for the fact that I am worried about my health. The drug gives me no appetite and I have lost almost 80 pounds.
I guess I just need some advice on how to tell my parents, I’m so scared of what their reaction will be.

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Answer by Josh
If your around then enough the’ll find out. Otherwise theirs is no easy way to say that daddy’s little girl is on drugs

Answer by Amaranth Darkwraith
Call your parents and ask them if they have time to meet you in person. They need to block off at least a few hours, but preferably the day. Make sure you have prepared yourself adequately for any reasonable question they might ask. Remember, your parents care for you. They are not out to get you and will likely be even more worried than you are. Ask yourself if you are willing to quit, because otherwise you will not get anywhere with your parents and they will likely be angry. Also consider ridding yourself of that lovely boyfriend of yours, who deals you drugs and pretends he cares about you. They will probably want you to go into treatment. DO IT. Your health is more important than your pride. Remember, your mum has changed your DIAPERS. Your dad watched you COME OUT OF HIS WIFE’S PRIVATES. Do not feel shame. You cannot be afraid to tell them the truth. Know that you are strong because of what you are doing– are you not making the overture to helping yourself?
Should you “chicken out”, check yourself into a treatment facility and let your parents know through them. Then they’ll know you are being proactive about it.

Remember that you can save yourself. You are worth more than that high.
Much love,


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