I Need Help Finding a Drug Rehabilitation Center in My Area?

Question by Brandy: I need help finding a drug rehabilitation center in my area?
My brother has finally agreed to go to a rehab after years of drug abuse. I can’t for the life of my find a rehab that is near me. I’m in NH and I just can’t find a list of rehabs. It’s making me mental and overwhelmed because I’m the only one who is helping him. He is my best friend and I just want to help him. Is there any websites that just list rehabs in NH? or do you know any personally in NH that are good? Thank you!
He is mainly on crystal meth.

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Answer by Leftist
Go to amsterdam.

now he is not a drug addict. He is not a valued member of the community contributing to heavily to the local economy.

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drug rehab south new hampshire – http://localdrugrehab.com/result.cfm/b/California/c/South%2520Gate.htm.


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