Is Involuntary Commitment to Substance Abuse Treatment Legal?

Question by Italian Mike: Is involuntary commitment to substance abuse treatment legal?
Is court mandated substance abuse treatment legal in some states or all states?

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Answer by gmw2
all states I know of, but don’t worry, california will probably be the first to end it

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Substance Abuse – In this clip from a recent 3-day workshop at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dr. Aaron Beck discusses how CBT can be used to treat substance use disorders. Dr. Beck explains how the generic cognitive model can be applied to specific situations, such as when a patient is faced with a craving. He also describes the process of coping with cravings via experiential CBT treatment.


Military SubstanceAbuse Programs Critiqued by Panel

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The military doesn't consistently follow its own guidelines for treating substance abuse, often doesn't always provide up- to-date treatment options, and generally won't allow long-term use of common drugs that can help treat abuse, according to the …
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Recovery groups raise awareness

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During “Recovery Month,” mental health and substance abuse counselors work to promote the societal benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery for mental health and substance use disorders, celebrate recovery, laud the contributions of treatments …
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Martin Sheen to bring star power to substance abuse treatment and recovery

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Sheen is a former alcoholic and father of actor Charlie Sheen, who has publicly battled substance abuse problems. The conference, put on by Community Healing Centers and the Drug Treatment Court Foundation of Kalamazoo County, will also feature …
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