Parents of Two-Week-Old Girl That Died Should Have Been 'Watched Like a Hawk

Parents of two-week-old girl that died should have been 'watched like a hawk
Wildrose MLA Kerry Towle questioned why an infant girl was ever allowed to leave the hospital and go home with her parents, considering the girl's older siblings were already in foster homes and the parents had a history of drug addiction. … exact …
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Child advocate critical of social services for allowing addicted mom to care
A provincial investigation into a two-week-old infant's death is sharply critical of health and social service providers who placed the newborn in the care of parents with a history of drug addiction. While the exact cause of the 2012 death was never …
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Calgary considers mandatory drug tests for new hires in 'safety sensitive' jobs
They range from lawsuits to potential for a discrimination complaint under the Alberta Human Rights Act to being forced to cover workers' addiction treatment costs. But officials were satisfied with the trial program — enough to recommend extending it.
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