Story Help??? Figuring Characters…?

Question by ?Ashley.: Story help??? Figuring characters…?
What do you think these characters’ names should be? Plot: A young girl was kidnapped, held captive, and brutally raped for six months. She was beaten and left for dead on the side of the road when a traveler discovered her body and called for help. She was four months pregnant when found and kept the baby because she felt it was meant to be. Two years later she is once again being haunted by the nightmares of that terrible night after recieving many blocked calls in which a man breathed into her cellphone. After changing her number numerous times without an end to the calls, she is convinced she is being stalked.…

She is seventeen years old and has a two year old daughter resulting from a brutal rape when she was younger. She’s quiet, shy, and calm. She is the type of person who can laugh at jokes but finds them a bit immature. She enjoys camping, hiking, and being around animals. Her favorite color is green. She has two older siblings, a boy and a girl, and three younger siblings, three girls. Her family is rich.

Possible names: Samantha, Charlotte, Courtney, Billie, or Madison…

Main Character’s daughter.

Possible names: Mackenzie, Breanna, Kailyn, or Maggie…

He is the only boy besides Dad in the main character’s family. He is lazy, arrogant, and quick tempered. He is struggling with a drug addiction as well as alcoholism. He lives in-state, but sometimes the family does not hear from him at months at a time. He has nothing to do with his parents, but loves his younger sisters more than anything.

Possible names: Marshall, Luke, Lee, or Jason…

She is 24 and the main character’s oldest sister. She is into art and music; lives out of state, but visits every holiday. She is trying to get her own life started and is engaged to a mystery man (haven’t decided who yet). Her goal in life is too enjoy it as much as possible and to start her own art gallery.

Possible names: Kale, Juliana, Kendra, Sadie or Rose…

They are 11 going on 12

(One on the left): She’s the quiet out of the triplets; middle born; and loves ballet. She loves all things girly and she enjoys the outdoors. She likes pastel colors, especially purple.

(Middle one): She’s the “star” of the triplets. She is involved in the community theater and has an amazing vocal talent. She loves all things frilly, pink, and glittery. She absolutely hates the outdoors and her other siblings view her as a little “diva”.

(One on the right): She is the tomboy of the triplets. She is into sports and is a bit of a tomboy. Her favorite color is orange and blue.
Possible name combos (names in order of girls): Kate, Emily, and Laura; Erynn, Rachael, and Cara; Dawn, Kendall, and Eleanor…

Dad- Workaholic, selfish, flirt, cheater, sarcastic, and fake. When his oldest two kids were babies he suffered from alcoholism like his son, but he was violent and abusive towards his wife.

Mom- Thinks her husband can do no wrong. She was so young when she fell in love with him and feels that without him she is nothing. She puts up with his cheating and bows to his every command.
Possible names: Peter and Caroline, Nick and Gail, Bruce and Mary

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does it really matter ur plot is great the names wont matter

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