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Inpatient Drug Rehab in NYC/5 Boroughs?

Question by jej: Inpatient drug rehab in NYC/5 boroughs?
I have a friend who is ready to check into a rehab for his drug addiction, however, he is on methadone maintenance and does not want to quit it. I was told by a rehab center in NYC that no New… Continue reading

Treatment Addiction in Wilmington | Drug Rehabilitation Wilmington | Detox Wilmington NC

Treatment Addiction in Wilmington | Drug Rehabilitation Wilmington | Detox Wilmington NC — http://wilmington.alcoholicrehabilitation.net/detox-wilmington-nc/ Alcohol Rehab Wilmington, offers rehabilitation for people in all stages of addiction, whe…

Experience at issue in GOP race for Pender sheriff
The index crime rate per 100,000 people rose steadily during the first half of… Continue reading

How Do I Tell My Parents About My Drug Addiction?

Question by : How do I tell my parents about my drug addiction?
My name is Rosie, I’m 19 and I’m completely addicted to Heroin.
I had a decent upbringing and I am well educated. I’m currently a Social Work major at NYU. It was my decision… Continue reading

Paroled Sopranos Actor Discusses Drug Addiction

Paroled Sopranos actor discusses drug addiction
Lillo Brancato Jr, left, played young wannabe mobster Matthew Bevilaqua in six episodes of The Sopranos. After spending eight years in prison, former Sopranos actor Lillo Brancato Jr says he's trying to help young people avoid making similar, drug …
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My Turn: Prevent Smoking, Prevent Drug Abuse

My Turn: Prevent smoking, prevent drug abuse
Re-allocating money from tobacco control programs to help pay for the drug problem is not an effective long term strategy to help reduce drug abuse in Vermont. There is a better way. Increasing Vermont's tobacco tax by $ 1.25 would raise the price… Continue reading

What Are Some Effects of Drug Addiction?

Question by zimran!!..: what are some effects of drug addiction?
effects on the person, effects to his society..?
serious answer please..

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Answer by judith11center

Answer by Gabrio
Lost of memory, aggression, lung cancer, leukemia, robbery, anxiety,big debts due the addiction.

A Play Which Shows the… Continue reading